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Some people choose to write with music, some people choose to write without. While I’m mostly the former, I can say that I also spend a fair share of my time writing without music.

When I do listen to music, however, that most often takes place when I’m writing with reckless abandon. I feel that music helps initiate a flow that eases the thoughts out of my brain; at least, when they don’t need to come out in any specific order or form. So, mostly half-drafts, first drafts, but I also find music helpful when I’m not particularly interested in the writing (which is sometimes the case with work writing).

I learned this awhile ago- most likely on reddit, so who knows if it’s credible- that when you’re studying, writing, working, or just doing something that you want to be extra concentrated on, listening to video game music can really improve your focus. Apparently, the music is made with the intention of keeping you concentrated on the game, so listening to it naturally keeps you concentrated on whatever else you’re doing. I definitely noticed a different in my concentration when I switched to listening to video game music versus just whatever I felt like listening to.

At the moment I’ve only got two different sets of video game music, which I fully intend to expand sometime in the near future. What I currently have though, is a collection of Final Fantasy and Guild Wars 2 music. I find that the music really easily slips into the background, but I’m still listening to it. Most other music I notice I either completely tune it out or am so concentrated on listening to it that I can’t work on anything else. (I love working to Fear Not This Night.)

While I’m not sure exactly what music I’m going to get next (who am I kidding, it’s going to be Chrono Trigger), I can think of so many different games that would probably have music great for working with. For example, games off the top of my head that I’ll be getting the music for sometime soon: The Legend of Zelda, Bastion, Ragnarok Online, the original Guild Wars, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (probably all of them), maybe even Borderlands 2 and Torchlight. There are lots of options!

What kind of music do you guys listen to, if you do? Do you have any suggestions for video game music I should try listening to?



6 thoughts on “Writing Music

  1. I can’t offer suggestions of video game music to use as background for writing, but I surely do agree with you that it helps to have something playing. I have discovered that if I am writing text I do best with only instrumental music playing — otherwise I find I am listening to words instead of writing my own!


  2. Final Fantasy 6 has really nice music, or anything by Nobuo Uematsu really. Also, you should totally play FF6 if you haven’t since it’s sorta reminiscent of Chrono Trigger in a way? I think you would like it. Chrono Cross also has really pretty music despite being a bad game :,)

    Here are the playlists for FFVI and CC:


  3. Video game music, huh? I rarely listen to music when I’m writing because I find it distracts me completely, but maybe I’ll give this a go. I do love a lot of the FF soundtracks. Thanks for the tip!


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