Short Stories + Camp NaNo Update #2

Okay, I admit it, I actually really hate writing short stories. I’m a novelist at heart, writing anything under 30k words long is a struggle for me. Short stories… ugh.

There were several times where I was writing short stories for contests on Wattpad, back when I didn’t really take my writing all that seriously; more when it was just a side project or a hobby that I really, really liked doing. Anyway, I wrote these atrocious short stories based off of whatever prompt there was and had a fun time. Was the writing awful? Hell yes. But hey, I learnt that short stories are definitely not my thing. On the bright side, however, the terrible shorties that I did write have spun some wheels in my head. Once I get around to finishing Taichiren’s Heart (in you know, like 12 years from now) I’ve got no shortage of ideas for my next project. That’s always good, isn’t it?

Not always. How terrible is it of me to say that I’ve got too many ideas? Last night I thought of something great, I was so excited to write about it that even though I went to bed at 1 am I didn’t fall asleep until hours later when I was too exhausted to function. The last time I remember checking the time before I finally fell asleep it was 4 am. It’s awful! I think I’m going to need to do something about this atrocious sleeping schedule of mine or find something to bat away at my crazy insomniac zombie persona.

Okay, back to short stories. I’m actually pretty jealous of people who can write short stories so easily. I’d kinda like to just sit down with an idea, write somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 words and have a stellar story (you know, after a thousand hours of editing). It must be a curse or something to come up with a small idea for once in my life, then ten minutes later have a plan for a 4-book series.

What’s even better is the amount of short story contests there are! Holy jesus crackers. I always knew that there were numerous contests out there, but yesterday I stumbled upon so many… interesting? ones to say the least. It really makes me want to take an axe to my brain and cut out all of the possibilities, possibilities… possibilities! So I can maybe focus on something shorter for once. But, I digress…

While I’m here, I figure I might as well link a few sites that I know about. There are actually quite a few mixed contests (short stories, essays, poetry, and even a few full manuscript ones), some with entry fees and some without, so take a look if you’re interested in entering. Some of them have generous prizes.

Opportunities for Writers: April and May 2014

I think I may have mentioned it already, but just in case, last week I finished the first (it’s actually a half draft) of the novel I’m ghostwriting, 36k words down. Now to make it 85k. Woo! Don’t get back to work on that until Monday or Tuesday, but no matter. 35k was my NaNo goal for this month, so I’m happy to have met that as well as having the opportunity to work a bit on Taichiren’s. I was supposed to go and write to chapter 10, but I decided to go back and rework some of the earlier chapters into a legit second draft. Mostly because I couldn’t remember lots of the random crap I added when I started the rewrite, but also because I had the terrible itch to just go back and do it first before moving on. Nevertheless, I’m fully done the second draft of chapters 1-3, part way through 4, and have the chapter 5 half draft complete. Go me!

I hope the rest of you writers out there are having some level of success as well. Any stories to tell of your most recent adventures?



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