Taichiren’s Heart

Last night I started working on my own writing again. Yay! I didn’t get all that far, only about 1600 words, but it’s the most I’ve added since March. Hopefully I can get a couple more days away from my work writing and get some more done before I inevitably have to put it aside again. As of now I’ve completed my half-drafts for the first five chapters, probably going to get to ten or so before going back for the touch up.

Well, I guess I can use this as an opportunity to talk a bit more about my book. Up until now I’ve mentioned it in passing, but for the most part I’ve tried to avoid it. Why, you might ask? I don’t know. It’s not that I’m scared of having my ideas taken, that I’m afraid my story/writing is bad, or that I’m just not ready to talk about it.

Really, I don’t much have a reason to talk or not talk about it. So I guess we’ll climb over that hill right now and see what that brings us.

My work in progress is Taichiren’s Heart, a High Fantasy that I’ve been tossing around in my head for six months now. It takes place in the world Saerul, a world that has been ravaged by the misuse of magic thousands of years before my story takes place.

The story starts with an earthquake destroying a young woman’s home, she had fled the city hours before; as she knew that day was the one her city would fall. She fled not knowing where she would go, but of course, it was not known to her that her fate had already been decided. She would be taken to the flying city of Freywyn, where she would discover that the world she lived in was not the one she had known until then.

Of course, if this was all the book was about then it’d be just like every other wannabe Fantasy book. So I’ll just cut the crap and get to the exciting stuff that I think makes the story a bit different. If you didn’t read my cringe worthy first draft when it was available on Wattpad, then you might not have any idea what I’m talking about from here on out. I apologize in advance.

For this post, I will stick to characterizing the races involved in my story.

There are four main humanoid races. Humans, V’yeras (half-dragons), Elves, and Raiya (formerly known as wood walkers). All four of these races are mutations of what are known as the Feahtia, the original ‘humans’, which are known to be a nomadic race of powerful magic wielders.

The v’yeras are derived from the Feahtia and the true blooded dragons. While there are no longer any true blooded dragons (referred to as Ancient Dragons), v’yeras are the only living relative remaining in Saerul. The race is split between two continents; These are Dracmere, the homeland, and Valvrae, where our story takes place.

There are three types of v’yeras. The Kazarach, which are the dragons best fit for physical combat. They are large and slower than the other kinds, but much more deadly if it gets anywhere near its target. The Tuularach, the fastest dragons. Their elemental magic powers are unmatched by any other dragon, and they are the best v’yeras mages. Finally, the Haedarach, the healers. Haedarach are much different than both Tuularach and Kazarach. While their combat ability is low, they have something that no other race is known to have in Saerul: anti-magic. Anti magic can be used in many different ways, and comes in several different forms. However, the one characteristic that keeps true in every circumstance is that it’s impossible to harm another being with pure anti-magic. Thus, it is mostly used to create and dispel wards, reverse negative magical effects, among other things.

Next, we have the humans. I like calling them the magic-leeches. They are magically retarded and for the most part, have little role in the story other than one blaring negative side effect; that they naturally store, eat up, and render certain magics unusable.

Elves are pretty straight forward, too. They are the most sophisticated magic wielders (outside of the Feahtia), however, unlike most Fantasy, they are not friendly and peace loving creatures. No, they are murderous and evil and are waiting for their chance to wipe the v’yeras out or at the very least, scare them away from Valvrae. They believe Valvrae is rightfully theirs.

And then we have the Raiya. Truthfully, they were originally another race of elves, but just recently I had the thought to merge them with wood walkers. I believe it makes their purpose much more defined, useful, and interesting. The Raiya are strange, even more so than the v’yeras. They are very spiritual beings, and are not inherently good or evil, meaning that they take the stance of logic and reason over picking a side. Raiya are still a work in progress, but as I have it they are currently old Elk spirits mixed with the spirits of deceased Feahtia. They have no humanity and despise those who do, as they sacrificed theirs to achieve what they call ‘ultimate clarity’.

So there you have it, a good chunk of info about what I’m working on. Stay tuned for more sometime in the future!



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