My Camp NaNo Update #1


Today marks 10 days into April, and of course, Camp NaNo!

So far I’m about 14k words through my goal of 35k. Nothing too amazing, but I’m keeping ahead of the game and working towards it with no issues. I think I’ll easily get over 35k this month.

I hope all of your NaNo doers are having fun, because I most definitely am. I thought of something brilliant earlier that will solve my problems with not having time for my own writing, at least for this month. I’m so excited to throw myself back into my own world!

My plan is to finish the first draft of the piece I’m doing right now for work, which will probably be close to 40k words or so, and then use the rest of the month to get as much of my own writing done as I can. So simple, but it’s a great solution to my problem!

Good luck everyone, keep writing away!



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