Just a Couple of Thoughts

Hi everyone!

I finally got my laptop back a couple of days ago. So glad to have access to a proper keyboard and the ability to procrastinate easier. Even so, I still find myself coming onto my tablet to write blog posts. Can’t really argue against how convenient the wordpress app is…

Anyways, after a long session of binge gaming I’m finally back up and working on writing again. I haven’t been all that productive lately because so many other things have been getting in the way. Gah!

The other day I actually produced a half-chapter that I’m really proud of. It really picked up a scene that was previously boring but necessary, and now improves the chapter as a whole and highlights some of my character’s quirks. I’m legitimately surprised that it turned out so well, as when I started writing the chapter I had no intention of making any serious changes! I guess that’s just how some things turn out though, and I’m not going to complain.

As for my goal of getting the first 10 chapters done before the end of spring break… that’s not going so well at the moment. I’m only part way through chapter 4, and I’ve picked up a few other projects that I need to give priority to over my own work. That doesn’t mean I’ll give up, though! I’ll keep pushing forward and hope for the best.

I’m also participating in the 52 week challenge… a personal challenge where you aim to write minimum 100 more words than you did the previous week, with a end goal of a minimum of a bit over 137,000 words. I’m currently 11 weeks in with a total of 41,541 words. Seeing as I just calculated that, I’m surprised to see how far along I am already! This isn’t including my blog posts, either.

Well I guess that’s all I’ve got to say for today- I’m hoping to have something more interesting to talk about later on this week. Thanks for reading!

~ Erynn


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