What I’m Actually Working On…

Hi again.

I suppose it would be a good idea for me to actually talk a bit about what I’m writing, seeing as I’ve failed to mention very much about it in the past.

So as I’ve mentioned at some point, what I write is Fantasy. I have a ridiculous amount of ideas for books and not enough time to write them; though with spring break coming up in a couple days, that will most definitely change. I have one main project, and two sub-projects, as well as 5-10 other pending ideas that I refuse to think about until I finish at least one of these.

My main project is my NaNoWriMo novel, or the one that I’m currently in the process of rewriting. It began as a simple short story that was converted into a standalone for the purposes of NaNoWriMo, but by half way through I realized that it had the potential to become a series. As of now, it is sitting on an estimation of about 4 books, which all have the general purpose behind them sorted out, if not more than that already.

The novel is basically about a girl that leaves her home city with minimal knowledge of the outside world. Shortly after leaving she is coerced into returning with an elven priestess to the city of Freywyn, a city that’s literally floating in the sky. The girl learns of the conflict between these sky elves and the half-dragons that live in her world below and she is sent down with a companion to find a way to end the conflict/ save the city. Instead of doing so, the girl ends up becoming the catalyst for the start of another full-out war between the two races.

Apologies for the shitty explanation, I don’t have an actual synopsis written out as I’m still in the phase of straightening all of the kinks in the story. As of now I’m part way through the third chapter with a total of about 6000 words between the three.

I’m very excited for the coming weeks, hoping to have about 10 chapters completed by the start of April.



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