The Rewrite


Last night I started the official rewrite for my novel. While I was creating a new outline for the changes in the rewrite, I’m quite happy to say that the original was actually pretty decent. The story flowed surprisingly well and there aren’t many actual scenes I’m changing. The writing itself is a different story, though, it includes problems such as atrocious grammar, switching tenses, horrible scene breaks, character inconsistencies, and the like. But we’ve got to start somewhere, don’t we?

I’ve got a story to share regarding the process that I planned to take for this rewrite.

In January when I finished the first draft, I of course, put the work away to let it and myself breathe. It felt great, like finishing any piece does. Anyways, as soon as February hit, my laptop’s harddrive died. Lucky for me I already had all of my writing backed up via Dropbox and Google Drive, but I was essentially sitting around with nothing to efficiently write on. I still had my tablet, but it was a new gadget at that point and not something I’d written with extensively before.

So I brought in my laptop to get fixed, and I’m told it’s going to be sitting for a week before anyone looks at it. Okay, great, at this point I’m thinking that there’s no way I’m going to get it back before March, when I planned to start the rewrite of the novel (hint: I still don’t have it back yet).

Under the assumption that I wasn’t going to get my laptop back in time, I started figuring out how to type effectively with my tablet. I started on the sequel to the novel, which writing was painful as I tried to figure out how to use the damned bluetooth keyboard that I got. So far it’s been working okay and I’ve gotten over the fact that I need to press function to get a ‘, in the end the inconvenience of needing to press a few additional keys always won out against the no functional tab on the on-screen keyboard.

After a full month of using the keyboard and starting to like it, I’m ready to use it for the rewrite. Except then I was having time finding time to write at all! I had classes to deal with, my new job, and all of the other random crap I was picking up to appease family and other people. In the end, there was no time for me to sit down for more than ten minutes to write before being ready to pass out… Until yesterday.

I woke up early to get to work on writing. I was feeling that excellent buzz of I am so ready to write right now, and got to work. Between doing random stuff and procrastionation that was getting in the way of formulating new ideas, I had the first chapter complete within several hours, sitting at about 1700 words. Pretty short, and about 1000 shorter than the original chapter, but it was also much, much better. Language flowed well, the scene was set much better, and overall I was pleased with it. Most likely not going to get torn apart in the next draft, just edited.

I moved onto the next chapter a few hours later, and I had an idea set out for it already. After I got to about 1000 words, I realized that it was awful and cheesy and I didn’t know what to do with it. I threw it at my boyfriend, who eventually took a reluctant peek at it. He told me exactly what was wrong: This teleportation doesn’t make any sense, you have a penis and then take the penis away, and this person is a shit eater.

I expanded the chapter, fixed a few things and voila, I felt it was much better, and so did he. A side note, Alex, you really suck at giving me nice criticism, but you’re really good at telling me where the problems are and with brutal criticism in general. I appreciate it much more than you know. Lots of love ❤

Then I got to about 2000 words in the second chapter…. annnnnddddddddddd…. my keyboard broke.

The end.



3 thoughts on “The Rewrite

    • It’s just freelancing, actually. I wasn’t expecting to get hired so quick without a reliable portfolio, but I got two jobs in under a week. One is ghost writing a novel for someone, the other is a support type thing with tips/advice I need to write for parents with disabled children. I actually enjoy it quite a bit so far and it’s excellent practice, it just leaves me little time for my own writing.


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