The Fantasy Craze


The genre I enjoy writing the most in is Fantasy. Besides just writing in general, Fantasy is my passion. I love creating new worlds, new races, using strange magic or creating unusual abilities for my characters to use and work against. However, there’s something that’s been worrying me, though it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

For the last, I think a little over a month now, Fantasy has been ‘the thing’ for publishers and agents. I’ve heard that they’re snatching it up every opportunity they get. While I think that’s great and all, and I really believe it’ll more than likely get some readers to push off into the already great Fantasy genre, I’m worried that ‘The Fantasy Craze’ (as I’ve been calling it) could possibly kill the genre. You know, like all of the Vampire that’s considered dead, or the Dystopian world which will probably be beaten a few more times before people are willing to admit it’s another dead horse.

Even if it doesn’t kill the genre (it probably won’t, but one of those worst case senario fears), the market will most likely become saturated and, well, forgotten again. Which is kinda depressing seeing as how awesome Fantasy is. It also could potentially make it harder for me to get published in the future, depending on how badly the Fantasy market is affected because of this. My manuscript is probably a year, minimum, away from being marketable, seeing as how busy I’ve been and how I (somehow) managed to get a job.

On the bright side, Fantasy isn’t really one of those genres that someone can pick up right away after writing, say, erotica or horror their whole writing careers (though I’d love to be proven wrong, dark fantasy is quite interesting). So I guess it’s not completely unreasonable that either everyone will give up on getting some good Fantasy, or it’ll be in demand for so long that it won’t matter (to me, at least). It’s still worrisome, but unlikely, and there’s still plenty of good sides to this turn of events.

Also, I know absolutely nothing about marketing, so this post is based off of the information I’ve heard from others about literary agent’s twitter feeds, and the like.



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