Hi there, I’m Erynn.

I created this blog in hopes of giving myself the opportunity to get my name out into the world, as well as improving my ability to express myself honestly and figuratively to other people.

By reading this, I hope you understand that you are assisting me with the first step towards this goal! For that I thank you, and sincerely would love for you to continue reading in the future.

Further down the road, I look to provide insight on my what I hope to be writing career, as well as life and other interesting things I find to ramble about. Of course I’m always open to suggestions, so when the time comes, speak up!

Thank you!



3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I have to comment on this Sweetheart. Your Dad told me the name was actually chosen by him because he liked the name, but changed the spelling to make it seem more Finnish, and unique. Your cousin LLisa is an example of how they double the letters. It was very special to him, just as you always will be to everyone who loves you! XOXO Cathy


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